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禅の宿 リニューアル完了。






Shionoe is a mountain town embraced by the great nature at the foot of Mt. Asan with Shionoe Hot Spring Village. It is said to be the rural area of Takamatsu and has been loved since old times. A place where the terrace overhangs the forest and each person enjoy the practice of “Zen” and “Meisou”. Reset their minds and body away from the hustle of their daily lives.

A calming space with basis of wood and black.
Sit around the built in kotatsu for a relaxing time.




Enjoy the view of the forest while soaking up in the bath.


・Bath towels
・Hand towel
・Toothbrush set

​・Laundry(Drying) room (hangers available)

・Laundry detergent and softner.​

※Please put any used toewls into the laundry box.


Please put the covers on by yourself.


※Please return the covers to their original places after use.


Whilst your stay you can use cooking electronics, cooking tools, plates and cutlery.

Rental items

Cooking appliances
・3 IH stoves
・IH cooking heater
・Rice Cooker

Cooking utensils
・Kitchen knife / Cutting board
・Mixing bowl / Strainer
・Electric kettle

・Platter / Small dish
・Coffee mugs
・Cutlery etc

・Mineral water(500ml) is free.
・It will include alcohol, tea that would be charged if consumed.
・It can be used for storing any food while you stay.
・Please take everything with you when you leave.

​※Please wash any cooking tools or plates before using them.

​※After using, please wash them and return to their original place.





Please put the covers on by yourself.

●ポンチョ・サウナハットレンタル 500yen ※要予約

Garden of zen and seasons

At Zen no yado we provide you with a space where you can practice zazen while feeling one with nature.
Pick your own incense stick for a personalized experience.

You can enjoy fishing in the river, playing with the water in summer, BBQ and somen noodles by the riverside. Cherry blossoms blooms in spring, fresh green shines in summer, autumn leaves crunches in autumn and snow falls gently in winter. At night, stars cover the sky. It is a place where you can enjoy the four seasons of Japan.


Nearby shops

We provide you with beverages(free and with charge) but food needs to be brought in by guests.
Please check out the nearby convenience stores and shops.

Oonishi liquor store 5 minute car drive

Ikoi dining 10minute car drive

Michi no eki Shionoe 10minute car drive

Family mart Konanmachi Oka 15minute car drive
Neighborhood stores

Click map to enlarge

Car park

This car park is for guests only.
Available 4cars
​※Any robbery or accidents that happen, we will not take any responsibility.


For entrance to the hotel please go down the Cherry blossom slope.


address : 289-4 Kami-Nishiko Shioe-cho,Takamatsu-shi,Kagawa-ken 761-1613

About 25 minutes by car from Takamatsu Station.

Reservation for staying

About your stay

It can be used from 1-8 people.
・Fee reference for one night ¥45,000~(Till 4 people) After 5 people each person will be charged ¥8000.
・No pets are allowed to stay.
・Optional fee reference BBQ set ¥3,000※Apply when making a reservation.
​​・Check-in 15:00 Check-out 11:00
​・Parking area for 4 cars ※4 Small cars will be able to fit in a line.
【For availabilities and other information please check out the Airbnb website.】

“ZEN no yado Terms and Conditions for Accommodation”

Please corporate with the following rules.

・Smoking is prohibited indoors. (This includes electronic cigarettes)
Please smoke in the terrace.
・There will be nighborhood residents so please do not make any large noises at late hours or outside.
・We will not take any responsibilities with items that are lost during the stay.
・Please use the dishes after washing them. Please return used towels to the Laundry box.
・Please look at the other booklet on how to separate and throw away trash.
・We prohibit any items to be taken out.
・Handling fire outside the designated area is strictly prohibited.
・BBQ is only allowed on the deck. (using flameproof sheets)
・For other rules please refer to “ZEN no yado Terms and Conditions for Accommodation”.

Cancellation Policy

Reservation cancellation is as follows.


Click here for nearby tourist information.


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